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Model Authoring

The quality of your models define their utility at the final stages of the project. When your project objectives are reached, ElSarhaBIM can develop these models for you. We have Excellent experience creating models in almost every variety of software. we are carrying out this work for manufacturers needing to meet model-based fabrication requirements, building owners needing dependable building information for management decisions, and architects needing to deliver difficult projects.

BIM Execution Planning

The BIM Execution Plan (BIMXP) is one of the most important elements of any successful BIM project. It defines the expected BIM deliverable Documents and guides the coordination of the project teams. ElSarhaBIM has considerable experience in developing BIM Execution Plans. We begin with a stakeholder workshop to establish the project goals and team capabilities. From this we develop a customized BIM Execution Plan that defines the following: the people involved and their roles; the process for exchanging, authoring, reviewing, and coordinating models; and the BIM deliverable and a Model Element Table (MET) specifying the expected model development at every stage of the project. At the end of this process, we run a project kickoff meeting to take the team through the BIMXP and ensure that everyone is effectively working towards the successful delivery of the project.

Coordination and Clash Detection

A BIM project is typically made up of multiple Discipline models. There are models by the architect, structural engineers, MEP engineers, as well as other trades, disciplines, and manufacturers. Clash detection is the process of integrating these models together and identifying any inconsistencies that need to be resolved. A clash might be two elements from different models that overlap in space, or it might be something more complex, like one element interfering with the installation sequence of another. ElSarhaBIM provides a comprehensive clash detection service. We work with the project team to develop a clash analysis strategy that simulate the coordination of high impact items and their solution. At various agreed upon stages in the project, ElSarhaBIM will gather the relevant models, perform the clash analysis, communicate the issues to the various teams, and help everyone participate in the progress of issue resolution. Using the various tools and clash analysis workflows we’ve developed, the project team will be able to identify and resolve potentially disruptive sequencing and constructability issues well before they arise on site.

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Reality Capture

Reality capture creates a highly accurate digital model of a real space. Designers are increasingly using reality capture as a way to precisely model the existing conditions of projects. Contractors are using reality capture to monitor progress on construction sites. And building owners are using ElSarhaBIM’s reality capture services to generate digital models of their building portfolio. We offer an end-to-end reality capture service. We don’t just scan your space, we convert that scan into BIM data. This means that the data captured is delivered to you in a way that is immediately useful and immediately valuable.

BIM Estimating and Cost Analysis

ElSarhaBIM employs a model-based approach to estimating and cost analysis. With a model-based approach there is no duplication: what you model is what gets counted, which reduces transposition errors and improves estimation times. ElSarhaBIM will work with you to develop a quantification strategy to meet the client’s requirements. Once developed, we will perform the model-based quantity checks, summarize findings, and advise on any corrective action that may be needed. At the end of this process you and your client will have a precise understanding of exactly what the model contains.